We offer one-to-one and small group courses in various disciplines: GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and Postural Gymnastics.


Lessons are mainly one-to-one, for couples or small groups (max 4) to guarantee a high quality of teaching and a personalised programme that caters to individual needs.


Lessons are offered throughout the day, according to the trainer’s availability.

HEALTH is a state of BODY
WELLNESS is a state of BEING

Juliu Horvath
founder of the Gyrotonic Expansion System®


GYROTONIC® is a training method created by the Hungarian dancer and choreographer Juliu Horvath. It is carried out by using special machines designed by Horvath (Pulley Tower, Jumping Stretching Board, Leg Extension Unit, Archway, Gyrotoner), with the help of a personal trainer.


The machines have been built ergonomically and are fully adjustable, rendering them suitable to the ability, needs and size of each person. The method is based on sequences of spherical and wavelike movements used to exercise the entire body and recreate a conscious connection between mind and body.


GYROTONIC® is inspired by the harmonious movements of dance with the wavelike techniques of swimming, martial arts, and the spirituality and conscious awareness of yoga, tai chi and qi gong. Every exercise is carried out slowly and consciously and is linked to controlled breathing through the diaphragm. The exercises, carried out rhythmically and synchronised with breathing, stimulate cardiovascular circulation, the lymphatic system and the circulation of internal energy, being particularly mindful of the biological unity of organisms.


Gyrotonic®, more so than Gyrokinesis®, has been successfully used by doctors, osteopaths and physiotherapists in rehabilitation programmes.


We offer both Gyrotonic® individual lessons or sessions in groups of two with one trainer.


GYROKINESIS® is a training method created by Juliu Horvath, taking inspiration from various disciplines (yoga, dance, tai chi, martial arts, swimming and gymnastics). Horvath created a systems of free movement exercises, without the use of exercise machinery, to address chronic pain due to the many accidents in his career as a dancer and choreographer. He wanted to improve his health and his well-being. This discipline innovatively merges movement, breathing and mental awareness.


The method is based on a sequence of exercises executed fluidly and rhythmically. These are choreographed together, accompanied by breathing techniques which stimulate the nervous system and internal organs, open energy channels, help eliminate toxins and waste, and oxygenate the blood. The whole body is involved, improving movement, increasing both physical strength and vigour and also sharpening perception and concentration.


We offer both individual lessons and group lessons(up to 4 people).


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