I'm not re-educating the body.
I'm bringing back the body to where it is supposed to be in its natural state.

Juliu Horvath
founder of the Gyrotonic Expansion System®

  • improved posture, stronger back and abdominals
  • decreased body fat for a more harmonious body
  • heightened muscle tone
  • increased flexibility for healthy and mobile joints
  • better proprioception and neuro-muscular coordination
  • improved balance
  • restored circulation
  • heightened breathing awareness

BF - Studio

BF Studio aims to improve both your mental and physical health and allows you to make time for yourself and your well-being, regaining balance and energy.


Barbara Fatini and her staff have the technical and professional knowledge to create a personalised programme, tailored to your specific needs.


BF Studio offers Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis®, Yoga and Postural Gymnastics for all age groups.

The Studio is very conveniently located on Lungarno Cellini, in a welcoming, tranquil and relaxing environment.